How To Manually Reboot Your LTE Radio

How To Manually Reboot Your LTE Radio

Almost all BitHauler devices will be powered through their ethernet cables.  There will rarely be a power, or reset button available.  If you do see a button labeled reset, DO NOT USE THIS BUTTON.  This can possibly reset the device to factory settings, and it will fail to work, and a service call will be required to restore connectivity.   The standard charge for this would be $150 plus tax.

All LTE radios are constantly checking for internet connectivity.  If a radio cannot reach the internet for 60s, then it will reboot.  Sometimes, this function fails, and it needs to be done manually. 

The simplest way to power cycle/reboot the LTE radio, is to pull the power. 

This can be done inside, where the power is injected into the cable, via a dongle.  A dongle is a Y shaped cable that has a male and female end, and a third part that is a round barrel jack.  The barrel jack can be unplugged from the dongle to reboot the device.  The black power supply feeding the dongle can also be unplugged. 

If you don't know where the power supply is, you can unplug the ethernet cable from the radio at the surge protector outside by the meter.  It is a white box, that opens to the left.  A green grounding wire will be going into this box as well.  Do not adjust this cable. There will be two ethernet cables on either side of the grounding block.  You can unplug either cable, count to five, and plug the cable back in.  Make sure the door is shut properly, and you are done.

You can also unplug the ethernet cable directly at the radio.  At the LTE radio, there is a plastic door/hatch, and once you open that, you will see the ethernet end.  You can unplug this, and plug it back in.  DO NOT CHANGE THE ORDER OF ANY CABLES.  You can damage equipment by moving a cable to a different plug.  Each cable has to go back exactly the way it was.  

If you have a WiFi in a Box unit, you can simply unplug the power brick/power supply and plug it back in.

If you have any questions about how to unplug a device, please contact tech support, and you will be walked through the process.  Failing that, we will drive out there to resolve the issue.
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